Out Now from Salt Publishing

Wow…it’s been some time. Part of the reason for my absence from the blogosphere is that I’ve been busy with the usual teaching and gigging and keeping the wolf from the door but I’ve also been working on a pamphlet of poems which is now available from those purveyors of beautifully designed books, Salt Publishing. I’ll be launching the pamphlet in London at the end of this month (see the events page for more details).

For those not in London I have readings coming up in Southampton, Bradford, Sheffield, Newcastle and Brighton and will also be touring the UK later in the year (more on that story later).

This book means a lot to me because it represents the hard work of the many people who have taught, influenced and inspired me. If I never met them, I feel sure that I wouldn’t be doing this. I’m also glad to have a body of work for those people who’ve come up to me at gigs asking where they could read some of my work. Such simple acts provide great sustenance in the frequent moments of self doubt that come with trying to be a writer.

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