‘I’m a travelling man…’ pt. 2

Tuesday was a slightly shorter day with just one engagement: a drama/playwriting workshop at Zayed University.

Zayed University

I had a great time leading this session as we spent the session creating a play from scratch starting with some improv, deciding on a location, deciding on the characters and so on. The play that emerged (a transgressive story concerning an unmarried Yemeni woman attempting to escape a controlling father) was a genuine surprise. Given time I feel sure it could be developed into a thrilling piece of theatre. While waiting for class to begin we, Anita from the British Council and I, ate at Slices an eatery with a fine line in alliterative signage (and lovely food to boot). After the workshop we stopped for Cardamon Tea and drove back to the hotel.

In the evening Michel, The Head of Projects at British Council UAE, met me in the lobby and took me to see The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This, the second largest Mosque in the world, was a magnificent sight. My pictures don’t do it justice but here are a couple of them all the same:




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