‘I’m a travelling man…’ pt. 2

Tuesday was a slightly shorter day with just one engagement: a drama/playwriting workshop at Zayed University. I had a great time leading this session as we spent the session creating a play from scratch starting with some improv, deciding on a location, deciding on the characters and so on. The

‘I’m a travelling man…’ pt. 1

I am writing this from a hotel room in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The British Council invited me here to take part in an event at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island on Wednesday called Artscape of World Cultures. I snapped the pic above on the way to the arrivals gate

Out Now from Salt Publishing

Wow…it’s been some time. Part of the reason for my absence from the blogosphere is that I’ve been busy with the usual teaching and gigging and keeping the wolf from the door but I’ve also been working on a pamphlet of poems which is now available from those purveyors of

Wiley – ‘Roamer’

Very much enjoying this song from Wiley: Wiley – \’Roamer\’ He never seems to release his best songs. I mean ‘Numbers in Action’ is alright but this is something else.

10 Best Songs of 2010

10.CMYK’ – James Blake  9. No Need To Run’ – Kwes \’No Need to Run\’ – Kwes 8. ‘Morning’ – Ghostpoet ft. Micachu \’Morning\’ – Ghostpoet 7. ‘Heavy’ – Chase ‘n’ Status ft. Dizzee Rascal 6. ‘Oranges’ – Elan Tamara  5. ‘Completely Exposed’ – Jamie Lidell  4.’Flying In To Tokyo’ – Magnetic

‘A Book of Water’

Wandering around the interwebs I stumbled on this. A new poem from one of my favourite contemporary poets:\’Book of Water\’ – Jacob Polley. What I particularly like about the best of Polley’s poems is that they live as well on the page as they do in the ear. I think

Verbalized, Tongue Fu and The Swan

Since my last update the UK leg of Verbalized (the tour I went on earlier in the year w/British Council) has been and gone. Starting in early October we toured to audiences in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield and Manchester. I’m pleased with how it went and am looking forward

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