‘The Mindscape of Alan Moore’

I am a big fan of comic books and have been for some years now. I am currently working my way through some of the ‘seminal’ works of the medium. So far I have explored the work of Joe Sacco, Art Spiegelman, Daniel Clowes and have just started on Alan Moore.

After reading Moore’s ‘The Watchmen’ I became interested in his thinking and was guided, through some late night googling, to a documentary entitled ‘The Mindscape of Alan Moore’. I cannot recommend it enough. His commentary on literature as magic is particularly interesting to me but there is plenty in there to fulfill the philosopher in me as well. Superlatives dispensed with, here is said documentary (it is just over an hour long).


  1. Jay says:


    I am checking it out.

    Pass on the comic book wisdom. (I’m doing Victorian cartoons for this week’s essay. I think there’s something in the air.)

    Mind you, you never did send that story about Eye-van…

    – Jay

  2. requiem87 says:

    One day, when I work up the courage and you are much too famous and busy, I’ll send you that story. I just have to work out why they have eyes for faces…

  3. Dzifa Benson says:

    The mindscape of Alan Moore, huh? From one comic book fiend to a nascent one….check out some of his early stuff, the stuff that’s usually only 3 pages long and in black and white. I’m talking early. Then of course you might want to check out Marjane Satrapi, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis (particularly the Preacher series)….I’m reading a bumper graphic novel of early X-Men on my way to and from work at the moment. Can’t wait to see the Watchmen movie, the trailers I’ve seen so far look really, really good. Some of the Batman comics are pretty good too. Films just don’t do my favourite comics any justice. But they try, they try. And that’s just the surface, way in stuff. One of my all time favourite series of graphic novels is Moebius – French, surreal and a lot of it with no words. Aaaah. Dxxx

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