Where was I…

when Senator Obama became President Elect Obama?

Well…I want to say I was at the edge of my seat waiting for the the pivotal 270 but alas I was passed out after travelling back from Operation Black Vote’s ‘Moment in History’ Celebration (A celebration of Obama’s candidacy in the tentative evening and a victory party in the early hours) @ Paper Nightclub in the west end.

I had been asked along to perform some poems at the proceedings and was very impressed by the sheer ‘swankiness’ of the place. There were a number of MP’s in attendance as well a various public figures ranging from actors to journalists. No surprise, then, that I felt slightly overwhelmed.

The event was a huge success all told and the reading was good fun but waking up at 7am to the news of Obama’s victory trumped it by some way. Let’s hope this optimism lasts eh?

One comment

  1. Hey Kayo,

    Good to see you lurking about the blogosphere – for what it’s worth, I’ll add you to my blogroll post haste.

    I was really glad to see Obama elected, but I guess time will tell how much he can *really* change America’s (and indeed, the world’s) fortunes in the next four (perhaps eight) years. Whatever happens though, hopefully this is the beginning of many years in the wilderness for the Republicans. It was a truly incredible occasion – even Paxman had to set aside his relentless cynicism…

    And get you hobnobbing with MPs and journos! Sounds scary-fun, which is undoubtedly the best kind. Speaking of which, I look forward to seeing you at mine and Emily’s pamphlet launch – feel free to bring peeps along. I’m hoping Joe (Kriss) will make it too, but he seems about as hopeless as me where replying to text/emails is concerned…



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